Disgusting Doctor Gropes a Nurse inside a Hospital Elevator Caught on Video

Sexual harassment at work may sound so ancient to some people as it is considered to be a solved ...

Sexual harassment at work may sound so ancient to some people as it is considered to be a solved case from the past and with the growing fame of technology that could be easily use to expose anyone's wrongdoings, disgusting acts of harassment may be prevented. But it looks like that some people are still up to no good even if they are in the workplace. And to add more insult to the injury, some of the people who are doing those are the ones we did not expect to do such a thing. In this viral video we are going to feature in this article, ready yourselves as a doctor who we expect to act accordingly has done the opposite as he groped one of his nurses.

The viral video is from Mongolia. The hospital from Mongolia got to videotape the disgusting act committed by the doctor. In the video, you can see the doctor disgustingly groping and molesting a young nurse inside a crowded elevator. It is obvious to say that the nurse is against it but unfortunately, she is helpless.

She tried to shove the doctor's hand away a couple of times. But still, the doctor  cannot be stopped and even tried to put his hand inside her skirt. The nurse looked so irritated and disgusted but she still managed not to make a scene. All because she knows that her job was below the doctor and fighting back or resisting even further could risk her employment - which is totally unacceptable and unfair at this time and age.

The video got the ire of the people who were able to see the video. Some are pleading the hospital to terminate the doctor and give punishments accordingly.



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