Scientists Linked Monkey Brains In Hopes Of Creating A Monkey “Brainet”

Ever heard about the theory of evolution? They say that human race actually started from monkeys ...

Scientists Linked Monkey Brains in hopes of Creating a Monkey “Brainet”

Ever heard about the theory of evolution? They say that human race actually started from monkeys or ape-like creatures. Maybe that's why monkeys were considered to be one of the smartest animals. We have an interesting feature about monkeys and their interesting evolution. It was widely known that single brain-machine interfaces did an incredible job with robotics and even flying quadrotors. And there's no way to go, but up and looks like scientists from Duke University Medical Center just upped the ante by completing an experiment involving multiple brains controlling a single machine at once, a virtual robotic arm.

The important characters in this experiment were obviously the test subjects. In this ambitious experiment, three wise monkeys were used as test subjects whose brains were amazingly connected to a computer via electrodes. This experiment allows the three monkeys to merge their brains and work in what the scientists call a “brainet” that aims to control the virtual robotic arm in order to reach a target.

In the following experiments, the three monkeys got to manage and each control only a single dimension of movement, a desired result from this experiment.

“They synchronise their brains and they achieve the task by creating a superbrain – a structure that is the combination of three brains,"

For sure, some humans won't support this idea at all since this experiment is still evolving and we don't know what it has in store for us. Are we going to face the era of networked hive mind? Let's see in the future!
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