This Lake Can Completely Dissolve Anyone Who Bathes On It

Yellowstone National Park is one of the greatest wonders of nature. The natural beauty of the place attracts millions of tourists each year. But be warned, somewhere in Yellowstone, there are bodies of water that can completely dissolve people! Since 1890, 22 cases of people completely dissolving in acidic bodies of water have been recorded.

Recently, a 23 year old man named Collin Scott from Oregon dissolved in a hot pool when he fell to the acidic waters. Sable Scott (Collin's sister) stated that his brother attempted to simply bathe and relax on the hot spot. According to Sable her brother was reaching down to check the temperature of a hot spring when he slipped and fell into the pool. She attempted to rescue her brother but she failed. Later, she informed the park authorities to recover Collin's body. Shockingly, the authorities of the national park admitted that they couldn't find Collin's body, because the acidic water had completely dissolved it!

Long before Collin's disintegration, Yellowstone National Park officials already gave security measures for lake visitors. Yellowstone tourists are not allowed to leave the safe spots at the park's areas with high temperature. According to the official website of Yellowstone, more than 20 cases of death and serious injury were recorded surrounding the park, related to the acidic lakes.

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